A Labor of His Love, Inc. mission is to empower and encourage at-risk youth, marginalized
women and young adults locally, nationally and globally through education and coaching

We create advocacy programs for our most vulnerable segments of society through workshops, training, and counseling sessions.

We fund and empower schools, provide bibles and school supplies for students and teachers, as well as create scholarships for those in need.

We leverage community partnerships to expand outreach and provide students and mentees with the skills they need in life to succeed.


As an organization, we are only as strong as our supporters and contributors. Learn more about what we do and how you can help the cause.



Life Skills Coaching

(This will take place 1 hour every other week up for the duration of 6 month per client served). This is a service that will be offered as an extension of the counselling services that flow under A Labor of HIS Love, Inc.

Counselling sessions will run for 4 weeks. Meeting once a week for 60 minutes. The counselling sessions will consist of resolution of a targeted area that the individual would like to gain deliverance in. If the individual would like to extend the time to continue to progress in that area life skill coaching can be offered.

Empowerment Conference

The empowerment workshops commence once a year. We will partner with other organizations who are strategic in empowerment skills such as heath wellness/ nutrition, self-awareness, organizational skills, self-development, financial education, entrepreneurial empowerment, entertainment and community development.

Empowerment Classes

Empowerment classes will be held once a month. These classes will be based on a new topic every month such as financial success, youth empowerment, self-improvement, spiritual gifts, educational opportunities, business principles. We would also have guest speaker to come in to present.

We would have local speakers and would like to have famous speakers come in as well. All a part of the networking/net-giving process. We would like to make this mobile as well visiting youth facilities, colleges, high schools and businesses.

Community Outreach / Engagement

Community outreach will be accomplished by partnerships with other organizations, cities, county and state programs. We intend to give donations to other organizations that are geared to areas that are surrounded with youth, women and families.

Entrepreneurial Development

This development program will train young adults in business, self-development, finances and give networking opportunities with individuals within the area of business they are interested in.

We would also like to be a bridge between those within the program and industry professionals that can generate into internships, future employment opportunities as well as assisting class attendees with becoming business owners themselves.


  • To give opportunities to young adults to participate in our internship program; that will provide entrepreneurial skills while fostering potential small business ideas and future business enterprises.
  • Develop a community partnership with multiple organizations that will allow us to serve/volunteer, network/partner for capacity building and organization & cultural development of our agency and communities we serve.
  • Create advocacy programs within the tri-county areas in South Florida, eventually expanding globally.
  • Build a curriculum of study to shift the mindset of young people to grasp the reality of becoming future business owners, obtaining a careers within their passion through vision casting, research and mentorship. Building legacies!
  • Creating a mentorship journal. Connecting mentees with professionals already within the area of business they desire to explore.