Be Redeemed

Be Redeemed

*Redeem: to make something better than it seemed to be at first*

Thank you for Covenanting with our Organization. We are a for- profit Apostolic/Prophetic Ministry which specializing in working the Visionaries of Ministries and Corporations Administratively helping to bring their Visions to Full Fruition. We Believe in Building Long-Lasting Relationships and Building Bridges. 

Spiritual Experiences

Our Visionary

Our Visionary Apostle Doreen L. Malcolm carries the Heart and Mind of God. She has been Chosen and Called to carry a strong (Seer) Prophetic and Apostolic Mantel. She holds an Associates of Science Degree in Radio/Television Broadcasting and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science Degree in Leadership.  Apostle Doreen has over 17 years of Ministry preparation.

 She gifted, trained and Active in the areas of  Administration, Praise and Worship, Customer Relations, Media, Public Relations, Exaltation, Prophetic Psalmist, Pastoral Care,  Prophetic Prayer/ Intercession,  Alter Ministry, Teaching,  Spiritual Mentoring, Prophetic Training, Spiritual Warfare and embraces her Mandate. She has operated beside several great leaders assisting in spiritually shifting their Ministries/ Organizations.  Her Covering Apostle is none other than the Dynamic Apostle Carroll Foster of Wilmington Assembly of Zion located in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Our Mission

To evaluate areas of concern within an Organization/ Ministry and work alongside the Visionary to determine an Ethological and Balanced Solution to create an outcome that generates Effectiveness and Longevity

Our Ministry

Our Ministry Team specializes in Working alongside the Department Heads of your Organization/Ministry assisting and evaluating the Department’s Vision and Mission Statement as it is Parallel to the Heart of the overall Vision of the Organization/ Ministry with Patience, Wisdom, Integrity and Confidentiality reporting only to the Visionary all Strategic Resolutions

We are Equipped to Serve in the Areas as Follows:

  • Apostolic/ Prophetic Order/ Structure
  • Pastoral Care/ Assistance
  • Board of Directors / Ministry Board
  • Ministry Assistants
  • Elders/ Deacons/ Missionaries
  • Ministerial Team
  • Hospitality
  • Ushers/ Greeters
  • Youth Leaders
  • Praise & Worship Leaders
  • Musicians
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Media (Marketing/ Public Relations)
  • Logistics
  • Arts Ministry (Dance/ Drama)
  • Member Care/ Cell Groups
  • Administration
  • Secretarial
  • Evangelism/ Outreach
  • Program Directors


Apostle Malcolm will meet with the Visionary of the Prospective Organization/Ministry to discuss the overall Futurist Transition of the Organization reviewing their current Vision and Mission Statements.  Once determined what areas need evaluating, Apostle Malcolm and her team will sit in on a Business Session or Bible Study Session and a Worship Service.  She will then report back to the Visionary with all findings and provide ethical and practical solutions to assist in creating a smooth transition into the Overall Outcome the Visionary is seeking

Once there is an agreement that all findings, documentation, recommendations are on one accord, a contract will be formed and our Partnership begins. We will schedule meetings with each department head to obtain their overview of the way things are going within the department and obtain suggestions of what they would like to see happen and how they can contribute to reaching greater heights in their passion and commitment. Our time of service is approximately 6 to 9 weeks. Extended time is negotiable

If departments have not been set up, we will work alongside the Visionary assisting to build, recruit, teach, hold workshops/seminars and facilitate the process of creating effective, strong and thriving departments

“We are Here to SERVE”

Informational Purposes



Vision Statement: An aspirational description of what an organization would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid-term or long-term future. It is intended to serve as a clear guide for choosing current and future courses of Action

Mission Statement: A written declaration of an organizations core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time. Properly created mission statements (1) serve as filters to separate what is important from what is not (2) clearly state which markets will be served and how and (3)communicate a sense of intended direction to the entire organization. A Mission is different from a Vision in that the former is the course and the latter is the effect. A Mission is something to be pursued for that accomplishment. Also called company mission, corporate mission or corporate purpose

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